Vineyard Plants concentrates on supplying high quality source material for our rootstocks we offer the following rootstocks:



Currently the most popular rootstock in New Zealand. It has a record of producing high quality wines with moderate yields in most parts of New Zealand. 3309 can handle a range of soil types and planting densities however it does not perform wells in soils with high acid. It is slightly later ripening than other rootstocks in New Zealand. Demand for 3309 is currently very high due to its proven record of performance.


Riparia Gloire

Low vigour rootstock with limited tolerance to drought. It requires care on planting to ensure good take and growth, however it has proven results for quality and is widely used in the Gimblett Gravels and is currently providing popular with many SB plantings.  It is an early ripener.  RG can struggle in replant situations between mature vines and it is also not recommended for vineyards where cultivation may be used as it is shallow rooting.



A popular choice of rootstock, it works well with most varieties, although care needs to be taken when partnering it with high yielding clones as it can increase the yields and cause tight bunches which can be susceptible to bunch rots in a season under pressure.



This was once the most popular rootstock planted in New Zealand as it is good with a wide variety of soils, including saline, and clay soils. It also produces consistent yields and quality when in optimum conditions. However popularity of this rootstock has waned due to its susceptibility to root rots – all rootstocks are susceptible to wood diseases, however in a poorly drained site 101-14 is more susceptible than others. If draining of the site is required prior to planting then 101-14 would not be suitable for this site. On a well drained soil then 101-14 should perform well.



A pioneering rootstock SO4 is one of the most widely planted rootstocks in Blenheim and is still one of the most popular rootstocks. It is characterized as a strong rootstock, easy to establish is most soil conditions. So4 does not perform well in saline soils. Currently popular for those planting vineyards destined for organic management practices as the vines can withstand stress and undervine cultivation. Use is predominantly with Sauvignon Blanc only.



A high vigour rootstock, currently experiencing resurgence for those growers that are seeking to manage vineyards with organic practices. Best planted in low vigour sites, if planted on a high vigour site it can cause the berries to abort during flowering, creating a higher proprition of chickens to hens.



A relatively new rootstock to New Zealand, this rootstock is tolerant of very acidic soils. Feel free to discuss the best rootstock for your soil type.