Vineyard Plants – Quality grafted grape plants

Vines from our nursery are grown in many of New Zealands gold medal winning vineyards. Vineyard Plants is dedicated to supplying high health vines that are rigorously tested for virus.

We can supply vines that are certified and virus tested to the New Zealand Winegrowers Grafted Grapevine Standard. Vineyard Plants can service both small or large quantities of all major varieties and pride ourselves on our in depth viticultural knowledge, our commitment to quality and our personal service.

Emma Taylor
Emma TaylorNursery Viticulturist
Emma has been a viticulturist in New Zealand for over 15 years. Working with Villa Maria Estate initially on their Cadet programme and then moving up with the company before becoming Company Viticulturist in 2004. Emmas passion for Viticulture, and the influence of the environment on the wine that is produced started while studying for her MSc at Otago University. Since then she has accumulated a wide range of experience from all viticultural corners of New Zealand. In 2007 Emma took out both the New Zealand Young Viticulturist of the Year and the Young Horticulturist of the Year titles.

Emma’s background in science came in handy when from 2008 – 2014 Emma was an active member of the New Zealand Winegrowers Research Committee. Whilst no longer on the committee she is actively involved on the Project Management Team for the Grapevine Trunk Disease Programme, Virus Elimination Programme and the national rolling out of the Vine Fax programme. Her participation in these programs has directly impacted the nursery programme at Vineyard Plants.

Vanilson De Souza
Vanilson De SouzaNursery Operations Manager
Vanilson is responsible for all the day to day running of the nursery operations. From start to finish a young vine ready to go out into the vineyard would have been handled by one of our staff in over 25 different operations, and Vanilson looks after all the operations once the buds are collected to when the young vines are planted in our nursery. This involves all the grading, quality control, grafting, callusing and preparation for planting of the vines. At the other end of the season Vanilson looks after all the coolstorage and despatch of the vines. Vanilson, originally from Brazil has several years experience not only in the nursery, but also in vineyards throughout New Zealand.
Blair Guinea
Blair GuineaNursery Field Manager
Blair has worked for Vineyard Plants since its inception and has developed a sixth sense when it comes to managing the young vines in the field. Blair is responsible for all pest and disease control once the vines are in the nursery, and also ensuring that the vines that are harvested are of the best quality that we can provide. Blairs attention to detail in the Field extends beyond the nursery to the management of the source blocks for clone and rootstock as well.